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Lean QA will work with your business to customize an improvement program according to your biggest challenges.

Our Process Approach

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Improvements do not have to be complicated. We make the process of improving your processes and implementing new projects using a simple process approach that anyone can easily follow. The goal is not to create complicated graphs and charts to make it seem like you’re getting results. The goal is to simply get positive results! 

The Value you'll get


Lean QA will provide you solutions to your biggest challenges, and curated guides to achieve new opportunities. Along with that, you’ll get a committed consultant to help you implement. Our consultants work on your business like its their own business. This ensures positive results for you!

Our 3 areas of excellence

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Compliance Standards

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If you have customers, then you know about Quality. Customers expect high quality. It’s as simple as that. They expect it every single time they purchase from you. How do you maintain that level of quality? Standardization. You have to implement requirements that will help standardize a world class level of business operations. There are many compliance standards out there for all types of businesses that show you exactly how to do this. If you implement everything the compliance standards say, get audited, and pass the audit, then you get a certification. That certification gives your customers confidence that you’ll deliver high quality every single time.

Implementing quality standards requires understanding how to pull the right data from your business to succeed in meeting the requirements of the quality standards. We have been working with compliance standards for over 30 years. Not only that, our CEO has been on the board for writing these standards as well. We know how to interpret the requirements, and what data to pull to help you achieve certification, and satisfy your customers. 

Lean Transformation

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Your future state is an ideal state where your business is running like a well oiled machine. In this future ideal state, 

  • you have close to 0 errors, 
  • your customer satisfaction is around 99%, 
  • you have built brand loyalty with your own fans who advocate your business
  • your team productivity has quadrupled and you’re achieving the objectives you set for the year in only 4 months
  • you’re improving and innovating your processes and products which directly results in attracting more customers and growing your business.
That sounds awesome right? In order to get there, you have to take a look at where your business is currently, and then use Lean methods to cover the gaps and transform your business until you get to your ideal state.


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Continuous Improvement

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Why do some companies keep seeing success 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, and 50+ years in business while others fade away? The successful companies have a concerted effort to continuously improve. Its a very simple concept, and most companies do improve, they just don’t do it correctly. Yep, there is a way to improve correctly. Chaotic improvements are when you are mostly improving due to urgent fires popping up all over your business. That is a recipe for disaster. Companies don’t survive long with that type of improvement strategy.

Instead, you should focus on continuous improvements, which is a tactical method of improving your business. Continuous improvements all stem from identifying and exceeding business goals. There are various continuous improvement tools that help in achieving all types of goals. Your job is to identify what your goal is, what type of continuous improvement tools you need to apply, and how to apply them to exceed your business goals. With our 30+ years of experience, we can do all that work for you and get you better results faster. 


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