Why Us

we get results

Our approach is different. In every implementation we follow a simple learn plan do check act method. This method ensures successful implementation and results.

Our Achievements

Are driven By the Goal of helping each business operate At its full potential.

Achievements One

100% Success Rate for Compliance & Regulatory Audits.

Achievements Two

Over $25,000,000 saved through continuous improvement efforts lead by Lean QA team for our clients combined.

Achievements Three

99% Customer Satisfaction rating for 4 years and counting!

Benefit #1

Expert experience from various industries that you can learn and grow your business.

Benefit #3

Tools and Templates we create for you that you get to use to keep making improvements for a lifetime.

Benefit #2

Results oriented consulting and training. That means, we do not just teach, we implement so you can get maximum return on investment.

Benefit #4

Get access to our network and contacts that we have built over 20 years to optimize your supply chain.

Brand Equity is created by continuously delivering high quality and innovative products / services. We know the strategies and tactics to help you create high quality and innovative products / services.

Our service is highly regarded because our clients are treated like family. We work hard to make sure each family member is highly successful.

We don’t believe in cookie cutter. One size does not fit all. That mindset most consulting and training organizations have is frustrating. Your challenges are unique, your opportunities are unique. That’s why your project has to be customized to fit your needs.

Working around your schedule is important to us. We don’t want to stop production to make improvements. We want to help you make improvements parallel to production. This way your company keeps meeting its daily targets, while achieving wider business goals through continuous improvement. Our schedulers will work with you to ensure the project dates are non intrusive.

We're a Family owned Consulting Firm

Will Portrait

will trikha
vice president

Has been consulting and training on Compliance and Continuous Improvements since 2011. Respected speaker in the Aerospace industry. Will is obsessed with exceeding customer expectations.

Ak Portrait

ak trikha
ceo & founder

Over 30 years of experience in Continuous Improvements, Compliance, and Quality. Has been on the board of many compliance standards that have been written. Highly regarded and respected speaker. Master black belt in Lean Six Sigma. His expertise has helped many companies grow exponentially.

Shawn Portrait

shawn trikha
lead consultant

Innovative and well researched project solutions is what you can expect from Shawn. He is also a respected speaker who fills rooms with engaged people because of his new age training/consulting style.

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