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Program Management

We coordinate & manage your strategic initiatives

Exceed company objectives by outsourcing program management.

Quality Management Systems

Full Implementation

Get your company certified to quality standards: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 22000, IATF, and more..


Lean six sigma kaizen & improvement projects

Need better process results? We’ll work with you to create a powerful lean transformation for the process you want. 

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Project Implementations

Our purpose is to get businesses positive results. This purpose forces us to continuously use innovative processes and techniques to keep driving positive change. We look at the inputs, the activities, the outputs, the resources, and the metrics associated with process we are improving. We make sure not to miss a thing. This level of detail and data collection allows us to make the best decisions and chose the best strategies for businesses. 

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from Idea To Profitable Improvement

The improvements and projects we implement for businesses are all created with the overall vision and industry trends in mind. Our data analysts are constantly keeping up with industry trends and new technologies. We put in this much work to make sure any solution we recommend and implement is not outdated. We want to ensure every client we work with gets the newest and most cutting edge information so they can keep growing their business and keep capturing more market share. 

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& Operated

That means you get passionate consultants who go above & beyond


We understand your business and collect all the data we need to map out the best strategy for your business.


We implement the chosen strategy within your business through effective and efficient solutions.


We measure the success of the implemented solution through key data points, our coaching objectives, and the goals of the business.


Using the measurements as a starting point we identify bigger goals and implement tactics to improve your business and reach those goals.

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Clients Feedback

I have been doing business with Lean QA for about 4 years. The experience with the company and staff has always exceeded our expectations. The professionalism of the business and the staff communication is outstanding. I would recommend this company to anyone that is seeking growth and improvement in their business.
Lowell Gwaltney Jr.
CEO of LG Machine

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